The Young Readers of Tennessee Share Their Love of myON

As members of the education community, we are very aware that in every classroom, educators who use digital, online libraries to assist their students’ reading are met with an assortment of discrepancies and decisions. When securing a personalized literacy environment, teachers have to worry about working within different funding parameters, the quirks of state and federal requirements, and finding the “just right” program to perform in tandem with their students’ and curriculum’s needs.

The children, on the other hand, are generally oblivious to these qualms. What matters to them is the level of ownership and agency they can get from their digital library. In other words, how much freedom do they have when it comes to picking out the books they want to read, and are they excited to engage with them?

On April 10th, myON and the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents hosted a literacy summit with more than 70 leaders in attendance. We were honored to have as speakers Jason Turner, MetaMetrics’ Vice President of Global Services; MaryLou Whaley, the Director of Community Engagement and Philanthropy for Hillsborough County Public Schools; Russell Khan, the Chief Editor for News-O-Matic; and Dr. Chris Marczak the Superintendent of Maury County Public Schools (MCPS).

We were especially honored to host Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator Cara Skaggs, Angela Secrest, the Librarian from MCPS; and, above all, our guests of honor, Mrs. Latonya Walker and her 4th-grade class.

The class came out on stage and introduced themselves by sharing their name, what their Lexile level was at the beginning of the year, and where their level was currently. This group of students was spectacular! We heard from many of them about their experiences using a digital literacy environment and listened to a Q&A session in which administrators from around the state asked them questions about reading, their engagement with the digital library, and what they liked most about the program they used.

We are especially thrilled that the students were open to sharing with us what their experience looks like, and how the choice they are offered has improved their love for reading. To celebrate their accomplishments this school year, all of us at myON felt it was appropriate to give them a voice on our blog before they leave for the summer. We hope you enjoy what these students had to say about reading this past school year. Here are some of the testimonials from these wonderful young readers.

Student Voice: What myON Means to Them

Abby: “I think today was amazing. We got to talk and tell about myON. myON is an app where you can read all kinds of books. You can check your Lexile. You can also do much more on myON. Today was the best day ever.”

Jeremiah: “Do you know what myON is? myON is a site where you can read books. You have a Lexile. My Lexile started at 370 now it’s at 680. myON is the best reading site ever made.”

Zahera: “myON is an app that you can use for anything you need to know. Mrs. Lynn Walker and Dr. Chris Marczak are the absolute best because they made and introduced myON to us. I’m really happy to attend this Q & A meeting. I got to answer questions from adults wanting to know about what kids like about myON. Shout-out to everyone that supported Mrs. Walker’s class. (I started at 670 and I am now at 970).”

Jalyn: “myON is an app for kids. It is awesome. My Lexile was 395. Now it is 700. My class got a chance to go to Embassy Suites to talk about myON. It was awesome. The people were very nice.”

Rakhia: “myON is the best app in the world. It helps people read. myON helps you with your Lexile. myON helps people’s kids.”

Student Choice: Reading What They Want

Community of readers, Fourth graders discuss how they are improving their reading skills with myONGabrielle: “myON is a website that you can go on and read. You are allowed to read any book you want. My teachers assign us projects that we can do. My Lexile started at 585 and went to 880. Which is a huge improvement. It only depends on what we are studying in homework.”

Jasmine: “I like myON! You can read on myON. You can do a lot of stuff on myON. You can read the myON NEWS. You can read whatever you want!”

Student Engagement: Making Reading Fun  

Shaquavion: “I love myON because your Lexile goes up. My favorite book is about skunks.”

Caiden: “I think myON is a great app. I love checking my Lexile. myON is one of the top apps in Tennessee. When you find a book on your Lexile you will love reading it.”

Lucas: “myON is an app where you can read books of any kind. If you want a book on your reading level or Lexile you push library and then you pick one or the other. If you want your Lexile to go up, whenever you read a book if you get all five questions right you get a benchmark, your Lexile goes up. In my opinion, myON is the best.”

Student Ownership: Taking Control of Their Improvement

Jose: “myON helps you with your reading skill and it has tons of books you can read in myON. It has so many things to do on myON, like check your Lexile. You can see if you are doing good. You can get a benchmark and try to get your Lexile up far. myON can help a lot of people that don’t know how to read. myON IS GOOD!!”

Sarah R: “myON is the best website ever. You get to learn how to read, and myON makes us happy because your Lexile goes up. myON lets you experience how to do all this cool stuff!”

Brian: “myON is my favorite app because it helps you get greater at reading. You can see if your reading level is the same as your book. Mrs. Walker taught me how to read smoothly so I can get a benchmark. If you want social studies, you can go browse and search it up.”

Excitement for Future Learning

Isaiah: “I love myON because you can do projects. I also love myON because they have good books, and my experience with myON this year was so phenomenal. I really love myON and I will be doing myON now until I get to the 12th grade.”

Aleijah: “Mrs. Walker teaches us lots of fun things about myON. But sometimes we teach her. A lot of things about myON are very spectacular. Reading on myON is like having the best day ever. It’s so fun and awesome. So now you know how I feel about myON! Another thing I love about myON is that it has lots of good books!”