Thoughts from a student…and a parent.

From time to time,  we receive messages and pictures from students and, occasionally, their parents.  We thought we would share our most recent message with you from 8 year old, 2nd grader, Ava.

Hi, my name is Ava. I like myON because it has lots of fun books for children and adults. It’s also a great learning site. One of my favorite books is Faerieground. It’s an amazing book with two best friends who get in a fight. They get trapped in a magical faerie world and one of them turns out to be a faerie! I hope you download the myON app. Take it from me, it’s awesome!

Jess (Ava’s mom):

myON has made a great impact on my daughter and her love of reading. Having access to such a large variety of books has increased her literary interests exponentially, and her writing is just one reflection of the joy that myON books bring her.