Back to School Tip: Use Reading Contests to Spike Student Engagement

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? Seasonally, myON creates a set of literacy resources for educators to use to increase student engagement in reading across their school or district. Our newest reading campaign, Where the Adventure Begins, includes sample reading lists, literacy tips, and materials to create your own reading contests.

If you’re already a myON customer, simply log in to our Educator Resources site to access all the materials. If you’re still learning about myON, you can preview sample resources from the kit here.

Case Study in Reading Competitions: Bridgeport Public Schools

Elementary students in Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut are on their way to reading more than half a million books on myON this year. Part of this success is due to the literacy competitions Bridgeport’s Director of Literacy, Dr. Melissa Jenkins, launched district-wide.

Learn how Dr. Melissa Jenkins increased the time students spent reading by more than 21,249 hours in one month by launching a reading competition.

“There is a real sense of pride for the winners of the contests,” said Dr. Jenkins. “The competition is among the adults too, not just the students! I hope to make literacy a sport by using myON.”

Literacy as a sport? We like the sound of that!

Do you have an idea for a fun reading competition? Submit it to The top three will win exciting myON prizes!